The Less Fortunate Stone Arrow

Dnl is one of our most skilled ow pvp damage dealers but no one knows who´s under the helmet. He never takes it off >.> I always feel safer with him in the group and he has saved mah butt numerous times. I even got the “honor” of being assigned his own “battle pet” hrmmffff….
Problem is even if he is extremely good at what he does he is a bit of a misanthrope. His glass is always half empty, not half full as a saying we often use in Sweden, i dunno if u can translate that ^^
But I agree he has been unlucky with the RNG gods lately but on the other side most of us are :S He spent thousands of gold just to see his T3 heroic hasla degrade to arcane and refuse to come back to heroic again D:
Then he lost his merchant 2 times in a row to the reds. Pay back time! >:(
Yesterday he fell down from a mountain and killed himself AND his pet at least 2 times. And so it goes on and on:):)
Last time he threatened to leave the game for a week if next regrade would fail. And it did of course but we managed to talk him out of it. Please dont give up, we need you! And u cant leave your battlepet alone. Ok she dies a lot, but she would die even more if u werent around <3

A misanthropy quote from me to u Dnl:):)

I believe that there is an equality to all humanity. We all suck.
― Bill Hicks

[PS: He is not as unlucky as he thinks he is, its just a state of mind as u prolly understand ;)


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