The Diplomat

ArcheAge is all about diplomacy and negotiations with other guilds and alliances. So Its necessary to have a skilled diplomat in the guild. And we have Aphex! :D U can hear by the sound of his name he is solid too ^^

Not only he has a silver tongue, he also has a talent playing the auction house. This has made him quite rich by now and that has led to what makes him most famous in our guild; his bow. The Aphex Bow.
Of course its a crafted bow but the stats are so amazing he has to keep it a secret for now. We dont wanna scare any reds away, we would love to taste their sweet cookies *yummie*.

So as soon as we have an event everyone wants to be in the Aphex group of course. But the bow doesnt make him big headed. This friday when I came home after work, freezing to death after waiting for a train for 1.5 hours, I had 2 cups of mulled wine. mm yummie! But it wasnt so yummie to do a traderun after that and get totally stuck :S Im quite petite, dont drink often and therefor sensitive to alcohol so 2 small cups of mulled wine made me quite sloshed and I realised that too late…. I tried riders escape but it only made it worse >.< So I sobbed in the guild chat and who came to my rescue if not Aphex and his Bow <3
Tho he laughed his head off when he saw what I had done :} Then he escorted me towards TC but i almost drove off the road a couple of times so he suggested we should use HIS wagon instead <.< I agreed and so we went to cinder instead to trade the packs.

Ya he is rich, he has a silver tongue, he is a gentleman and he has the Aphex Bow (and he can handle it). I only say this once; try to reqruit him and u end up on my KoS list asap! I will gank you, your auntie, your cat, guinea pig and whatever, as soon as I can manage to crawl up from that pond I just ran into with my cart….

Aphex is the lucky one in the guild, next time I may tell u the story about the less fortunate one… ^^



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