The Healer

Be a great healer like our healer Spybreak and u will achieve something close to Rock star status. Spybreak is my baby blanket and I feel absolutely safe when I have him behind me. Its like having mom there when i was a small child, fell and hurt my knees. If I get attacked I run back to him asap, sobbing “they are shooooting at me!!” :((

He has artistry and Harani language amongst his professions so he plays amazing tunes for us on our raids. And he can talk to reds…. ^^

I often throw myself out on absolutely insane suicide missions and he continues to talk to us with his calm voice. Well…. the other day I could hear a slight tension but Im all to blame Im afraid :O) The tension was almost there first out at sea where I went crazy and then in Hasla rift where we failed to protect him from mobs :`( We need to watch our healers back first and foremost. And he has a nice back ^^
For me its necessary to have calm ppl around me as I easily freak out. The core group of people I most often play with are actually calm like this most of the time thank god. Like Dnl, Spybreak, Ralf, Sagisawa, Psychronica, Khadoas, the tank Iannarna and Aphex are some of them. I plan to show off each one of them here in future postings :)

I try level healing myself but I have problems with cast time as im a rogue at heart and have huge problems standing still. I often blow my cast time as i cant wait long enough before moving. Im always fidgeting….Im a complete failiure as healer im afraid >.<

Any guild that tries to recruit Spybreak will end up on my KoS list asap >:(
We have more lovely healers in the guild of course and they all have fanclubs im sure. But for me Spybreak is #1 as I have been on most adventures together with him and he seems to be capable to handle me being high strung and jittery at times :} Well Worim, also one of our healers seems to be calm like that. I guess they have a healer mentality in real life too? Maybee thats necessary to be a good healer?


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