Upside Down u Turn Me…

Me, Ralf and Psychronia was out at sea with Dnl on his tradeship the other day when Dnl a bit bored started to play around with his ship…. (click for larger pics)
He turned it in different directions….
we almost drowned O.o
until he got it where he wanted it, 45 degrees standing in the water :S
Eventually we fell off when the merchant began to spinn insanely fast around and around…..
Psychronia and me in the water. But how to get it up and running again?
I tried to harpoon it but my clipper was thrown away 100 meters at least as the spinn was too fast. But eventually after about 20 minutes or so it calmed down and we could continue our journey in (relative) peace. Dnl u are such an awesome captain, we dont get bored at least <3 ^^


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