Settling Down in ArcheAge?

Things have settled down in ArcheAge and in our guild lately. When the game was new and in the first month it was a huge influx of new players who wanted to try the game. A lot of them has left now and that was expected. A lot of them prefers a themepark game as World of Warcraft or likewise and ArcheAge is far from that.

For a few weeks it was turbulence in the guild but it feels really good now. We who still plays have begun to form groups and are bonding. It´s a warm and cosy feeling in mumble and in chat and loads of fun. Im not normally a dungeon person but with the guild its really fun to run through GHA even if iv done it before.

Bonding and practise together is extremely important when it comes to raids, dungeons and open world pvp. To know each other well and be able to plan ahead can make up for less great gear even.

The problem some ppl seem have in ArcheAge seems to be the fact that they have difficulties in deciding what to do in game. They  blame “lack of content”. There are tons of content but you have to decide by your own what to make of it. It’s a sandbox kind of game and you have to make up plans and strategies with your guild how to play it. ArcheAge actually gives u more freedom to decide your future in game than most game does.
So go out and create your own content with the tools ArcheAge presents u with. Open world pvp, pirating, sieges, gladiator arenas, trading, crafting, dungeons, raiding, socializing, housing and so forth.

The main issue in ArcheAge now, as I see it, is mainly that we have too many servers. I realise they had to open more of them as ppl were crazy about the long queues. This is common when new games launch but in this case when we have a sandbox with housing implemented in the world, its a challenge. Will they solve the problem with less populated servers via a merge? Or will people move by themselves?

We have a few new members in our guild who already have moved from less populated servers to Kyprosa who is 1 of the servers with the highest population in Europe (or was at least). But if u have settled in a nice area its not easy to take that step… Another problem is the excessive hacking Trion have to deal with.

As this last huge problem with stealing wagons and farm carts. I have several friends being robbed like these last days… But as XL games owns the game I guess there is no fast and easy fix. Too many involved. Tho at the same time im afraid they have to act as fast as possible. If we cant do our daily trade runs its bye bye im afraid :´(

A server merge and a solution to the hacking problem seems necessary to consolidate the game, but is it even possible? I hope so, because there is no other game I want to play more than ArcheAge right now…


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