House Visits and pvp

This weekend has been a lot of fun with some pvp and we also got to visit each others houses! :D Yesterdays raid on sea was a bit bumpy as we were quite a small group and 2 of us got DC now and then so we lost some opportunities. (Pic above Spartawarzaw & captain Zad) And I got killed while DC too  :`(
Tho some nice ppl rescued my boat while the enemy was trying to trash it so I was lucky:
Im also trying to level as a healer now so Im quite useless (even more than normal :):)

We often use Sagisawas merchant ship but as we had problems we lost it to some reds who destroyed it. A merchant cost 35G to repair so we have to earn those money back, be sure of that ;) Maybee we had bad karma as we had attacked a poor lowbie in a rowboat, just for fun *spanks us all hard* shame shame! >.> Poor fellow, but welcome to ArcheAge, no hard feelings  :) <3
Then when we felt a bit lost, the best healer ever, Spybreak came along and everything felt a lot safer. Spy has learned to speak Harani so he saw the enemies  rage shouted in open chat to us, suggesting we should engage in some *or-l activites* (hrrmm…) instead of harrassing them :P
So we obeyed them and I went home with Sagi, Phsychronia and Spybreak and showed them my house and goat ^^
Then we went East to visit Sagisawa.
Yes she has her house behind enemy lines (!)
5SagiHouse ScreenShot0150
Its a beautyful house and we sat on the balcony while she played her piano. Artistry is an awesome profession… and I so crave that shirt with our guild logo…
After that we went to Spybreak who has a gorgeous farmhouse in Sanddeep. Im so jelous of them. Spy has a Harani slave(!?) who educates him in Harani lingo… (pic below). He along with Sagisawa is also the guilds own bards who entertains us on our raids with beautyful music.
I only have my small cottage, but im not sure I would trade it for a farmhouse. I love the location and I dont have enough time, I think, to run a big farm. Or maybee im more interested in pvp and dont have the stamina for it >.> But some ppl seem to be able to do both :S

Thanks a lot for the visits it was fun! I love to explore (snoop around) my guildies houses and farms. Maybee house visits could be a regular posting in the blog? Time will tell :):)


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3 Responses to House Visits and pvp

  1. Sagi says:

    My poor ship. :'( Oh well, at least it CAN be repaired. ^_^ Thanks again for your donation. <3 And I had fun even though it didn't go as smoothly as usual.
    I like your cottage. It's cosy. :) My house is too big for one person. It gets a little lonely sometimes. That AH girl on the second floor, she only wants my money and when someone finally knocks on the door, it's from the enemy faction. x)
    In short: visit me again. :D Let's bring a few ppl and kill some reds during wartime. ;)

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