No more Arena Please!

Last weekend I did my first Arena 5v5 and I expected it to be fun as I had enjoyed Rifts warfronts a lot. But It wasnt. It was just boring grind. The outcome seems to be either u win BIGTIME or you lose BIGTIME. No balance. And same arena everytime and very few objectives. I need more variety. This was my first:
(Possible to click for bigger). I was lousy of course as I didnt find my way and wasnt used to the course but I tried it about 5-8 times but I was more and more bored.
And this was my last EVER i think lol. There was not enough information in the charts either. Rift has a lot more details. Though Rift also has problems with support rolse who buffs and debuffs and they dont get credit for their work.

I realised as ArcheAge is all about sea battles and open world pvp there is no need for a huge varieties in arenas. But its great we have them as many people love it and 1v1 can be exciting. U get honor from the too and u can buy cool stuff from that honor. Not worth it for me tho ;) Would be nice to have open fights in arenas so ppl could watch and not just instanced :)


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