Facepalms in Hasla

Or “Kill your healer”. Ya u read it right, kill YOUR healer, not the enemies healer ;) Thats what happened in Hasla at least. I had been grinding in my healer spec for a healing club in Hasla the other day and war just began and it was late so I stood a bit passive wondering if I was going to do some pvp before bed or not.

Me and my guildies often go to Hasla just for the pvp and fun trying to push back the reds. I saw more and more reds closing in now that they had honor points to collect as war had begun. So I was pondering if i should change to Stone Arrow or try to be useful as healer. Then suddenly BAM I was struck down from behind by a bloodlusting player from my own faction and killed almost instantly after being tripped, stunned and shackled as I hadnt buffed up yet and wasnt prepared to defend myself. The usual “brave” attacks.



As I still had my healing spec active and had been grinding for compassion I wasnt really expecting to be killed by my own team in a war situation. I respawned several kilometers from the spot so I decided to leave the war zone. A bit puzzled I decided to contact the murderer and pick his brain. I dont whine and I wasnt upset but a mix of irritation and dumbstruck. Everyone knows Im used to being killed in pvp as iv participated in hundreds of warfronts in Rift so that doesnt bother me, but I felt inquisitive and a need to get to know mr Cursed´s motifs:


His motifs was obviously pure, short term greed. “Defending his spot by kill a healer in war” Tho he was at least able to answer, very few gankers are, I give him that >.>

My point in all this is that instead of mindlessly kill your own faction in a war situation we should form a raid and push the reds back. Then regroup for tokens again. If we start to kill each others like this we dont stand a chance and u get no tokens either. This is not the way to play this game in my opinion. East is starting to take over both Auroria (3 of 4 castles), Halcyona (long time now since we dominated that) and recently Hasla on the Kyprosa server. And they deserve it if we behave like this.

To Trion I would like to suggest if a person kill his own faction in a war zone he should be punished by losing honour points at least.

If i compare this with a warfront in Rift and I suddenly start wiping my own team instead of the enemy, they would think I´d lose my mind completely = *doh* it is a no no.


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