Fishing for Cookies

So we went out again the other day to find some reds to play with. I was on Dnls tradeship as he has assigned me his “battle pet”. U know battle pets like wolfs in ArcheAge they are sort of cute but useless in battle, dies all the time and cost money to heal. That kind of pet >:(
In the picture above we have just spotted our victim (the sail next to Dnl) but it was peace..
So we had to harpoon it with the fishing boat and a clipper to get it out of the peace zone. It was quite heavy with all juicy cookie packs so Dnl had to push it with his merchant.
It went under water and I was wondering what the crew thought about us…wonder if they were really really mad? I want to think they had as much fun as we had:):)
We worked hard for about 20 minutes (i think!) but slowly they managed to crawl closer to their harbor and call for help. So eventually we had a huge warship on our head and had to give up. But it was a nice try! Bad about the cookies tho, i could almost feel the taste in my mouth….

A bit dissapointed we went to Hasla instead for some pvp. Lately the reds has begun dominating Hasla and we had real fight with them. They dominated for a while as they had a group double our size. But it was fun! Its always fun, I love open world pvp together with my guildies. Ralf is a great pvp leader too as is Dnl … *hint, hint* we need officers… >.>



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