Killing time

This saturday it was time again for a little “fishing trip” on the ocean. We have to keep our guild house and guild farms going. No fun, just hard work ^^ So we formed a group with Dnl as captain on his merchant ship (and Sagi on her merch, we changed ships later) and after a while I spawned my harpoon clipper too.
After a while we found a full loaded merchant ship (from east of course) just outside Ynestere which was in peace. The crew saw us and tried to get away. But Khadoas looked at the map and saw the peace was only 5 more minutes so we realised we had to prevent them from moving to safety. Dnl managed to harpoon them from my clipper and Sagisawa blocked them against a cliff with her merchant. Then we only had to wait 4 more minutes.

I could feel the poor “reds” pain when they waited on their ship, totally helpless. Waiting for their death and losing all their packs…. I felt sorry for them. But this is how the game is. Next time they will do the same to us im sure :`) So we killed them and took the boat far out at sea to make it hard for their guildies to catch us.
Then the ship despawned and we moved all the packs to Dnl:s merchant ship and exchanged them for charcoal in 2 crowns *yay* more money to the guild account!
One of the largest guilds leader in Kyprosa recently disbanded the guild and the leader vanished with all the assets like houses and farms :/ I feel really sorry for the guildies that had worked hard together to build houses, collect gildas and materials for weeks… The same wont happen in our guild “Friskyttarna” as an admistrating account owns the guild house and all farms. So when our leader recently had to quit due to personal reasons, another guildie took over the account and nothing was lost. That is how it should be.
After that we were lucky enough to run into a fishing boat and helped the tired fishermen bring their fish ashore. On our way to the fish merchant we saw a couple of poor easterners in a rowboat with heavy packs so they went the same way. All in all it was a productive evening and everyone had loads of fun despite all the hard work ^^
We only had a few deaths ourself and 2 of them was drowning accidents when we lost packs where it was extremely deep but we saved them in the end. U know Nuians cant swim, it has to be an Elf to do it properly (Elf Sagi saved the pack in the end as i was already carrying a fish I couldnt dive :):)
This would never have happened if u had been with us and healed us Spybreak, awesomesauze cleric, -u are not allowed to take time off like this on a saturday! :}


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2 Responses to Killing time

  1. Pyropus says:

    A nice read.. Was a good night of plundering!

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