Work b***ch – or How to Survive in ArcheAge


I dont talk about pvp here, i talk about survival in the long run. To “succeed” in a sandbox game. What does it take? I got inspired when i read an excellent forum posting:

As long as the game has a healthy player base, there will always be opportunities and new content in the future also creates opportunities. When it comes to sandbox economics I can tell you from experience (8 years in Eve Online) that no matter what happens things always move forward somehow. Old opportunities expire, new opportunities present themselves. You just have to be a clever player and respond to what IS happening as opposed to what you think SHOULD be happening. This is what separates the players who sit QQ all day and the players (like you) who leverage their advantage.

The real trick is to be flexible and I think this is where a lot of players get in trouble. They get it in their heads that they ARE something like “I’m a trader” and when their favorite trade run dries up suddenly to them the game is broken. Its the same for theme park players or PvP players. They get accustomed to some trick that works and than one day something changes and the trick doesn’t work anymore and then come the tears. People just don’t know how to adapt because they don’t understand that in a sandbox there is no such thing as the status quo. Its always moving, always changing and the changes that come can come from all sorts of places be it the developer introducing new items, new areas or an influx of new players, or lots of players leaving, more land becoming available, less land becoming available. .. no matter what the change is, there is always an opportunity hidden in there somewhere that smart players will leverage.” ~ LordBad

U have to create your own virtual reality in a Sandbox. Its not like in a themepark where u just follow quests or endgame content. U have to start from scratch here, make a living, find friends and build your own future the way u want it. Some may crave a castle and epic sieges, someone wants to be a pirate and excel at that. Others wants to make tons of gold trading or playing the auction house and some are just fine pottering in their garden and tend to their animals. Its a challenge and not everyone is up to it. Some people wants to follow the crowd and need easy to get content. You dont get the content thrown in your face here. When u hit lvl 50 its up to you how you proceed. (And even before that if u want of course).

Sure its a mix of a sandbox and themepark but the more u play it the more the sandbox part of it will take over. And some ppl cant handle that. Be prepared to be disappointed and lose money now and then, like in real life. But also be prepared to have tons of fun and feel the satisfaction when u succeed building your empire, fighting off those enemies side by side with your guild or even breed that ice bear cub everyone wants.

ArcheAge first honeymoon has ended now and some of the first settlers are already moving on to other games. Some people came for the hype and some are “game nomads” and love the feeling of a new game. Rush through content and move on to another game quite fast. But thats fine, thats how its always been. Tho ArcheAge is different from the ordinary game so I dont think it will follow the path as of wow, Rift or other similar mmorpgs.

The challenges will continue and changed in economy, playerbase and even irl world economy will affect the game more than an ordinary themepark mmo. Ppl will get raving mad and rage quit as when Thunderstruck trees lost its value over night or when Auroria was such a disappointment to some people. Its not a surprise for me tho because this is about what I had expected and I like the game more and more.

I have no experience from Ultima Online but it was interesting to read a comparison with the sandbox Eve Online even if the games are quite different.

Do you think you will survive the harsh but exciting and beautyful world of ArcheAge? The adventure just started… :)

Credits: The picture is from the guilds trade run (yes we are working hard! :) this monday with Dnl and his merchant ship. Khadoas and Raneiran planned the adventure. In the background Iannarnas impressive djonk who got stolen by reds but we got it back safely. For a while it was so exciting i almost had a heart failure thats why I didnt get enough pics this time:):) Thanks a lot it was awesomesauze fun:)


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