Earning our living in ArcheAge

Ye u have to earn gold to survive in ArcheAge. U can do it like I do in the pic above, traderunning with a farmcart … or..
… you can go out with your guild at sea and find som ppl from east and help them transport their stuff a shore. As me and my guild “Friskyttarna” do regularly. In the pic above there is only some lumber left after one of the ships we, by accident ofcourse, happened to sink the other day. And we didnt left any packs with fish to rot at sea. That would be a waste.
We need to support our guild house and all farms and that craves a lot of taxes so its necessary to put some work into this. I assure u we only do it because of that, not for fun ^^
Yesterday DaVinci´s Merchant ship got into some trouble as someone in the guild stumbled upon our cannon so their shipped got wrecked and someone else shot at them by mistake and they all died :`( The ship was sinking so we had to save the loot. Lucky we were around! Otherwise the yummie cookies would have been wasted D:
Spy played a nice tune for the poor bastards who died at sea while we all cried our way home :`)



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