Grind fest before Auroria

Yes I do grind too, a little at least ;) I have been doing traderuns with friends from the guild, mostly Raneiran and Khadoas. To get gold to buy… stuff… but weapons and armor are so madly expensive so I had to join the grind fest in Hasla D: I played for 5 hours and got my first Hasla sword *yay*. But u know it has to be upgraded so I have several days of grinding left to do… Tho I need the bow more but bow is very very hard to get… Everyone is grinding now before Auroria so not easy to join a group.
My guildies dragged me through GHA again, even tho my dps is too low due to that lousy bow i got in my last quest so I had to spend a lot of gold on mana potions >.< But superheroe Minoxa pulled us through <3 and I got lucky rolling some nice armor <3<3 If I get hold of that GHA bow, I will give someone a virtual kiss…..  <3

Will Auroria open tomorrow on the Euro servers? Only god (Trion) knows ;)


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