“Tough” guys ResQ fled = aww moment!

In a sandbox game ofc there are a lot of “tough bad ass guys” running around. Or at least they want ppl to think they are ^^ So ResQ really work hard to get a reputation on Kyprosa.  This saturday we went to Solis port to help a guildie get his large scarecrow. In the port we were separated cos some reds attacked us. I managed to dive and escape them but my guildie didnt so he got ganked by 2 lvl 50. Ok thats fine, I mean they are reds and we were in their harbor.

Finally he came back for his clipper and find a member of the west alliance guild ResQ has bloodlusted and is destroying it close to the Solis harbor. So he and another guildie tries to get him but he flees head over heels. Alas my guildie can only mark the boats bloodstains(lol). Shortly after this, his friend gets killed by reds so he is alone again and the ResQ person spawn his own clipper and my guildie starts to swim towards it. But the brave ResQ sees him and flees head over heels again. Aww! I laughed so hard when i heard about it I almost died. And if I truly had died, ResQ could have had my death on their concience. But no luck this time either guys :D:D

DS I suspect ResQ is secretly allied with an east guild as they didnt seem to touch them….

Credits: Thanks for the video Khadoas!

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