The Real Estate Drama in ArcheAge

To get hold of a house or a farm in ArcheAge is not the easiest thing in the world as most of u already know. Not only is it hard to get the house down before everyone else, there has been a lot of hackers in world too. The hackers places the houses without even being present. One of them is Cocayne who I saw in action the other day when he screwed up for a guildie of mine and a lot of other people. Without even being present he placed a house on a 16×16 plot. A couple of hours later he sold the house in Solzreed for 800G and 3K of bait worms….

Trion is working hard to get rid of the cheaters but started a bit too late so ppl are overly suspicious due to that. This has resulted in a situation that when someone manage to place a house or farm, everyone starts to scream and rage “hacker” and other insults. Even naming the person in global chat as a “hacker”.

This happened to the same guildie of mine who had an encounter with Cocayne the other day. He has been looking for houses a long time and never been able to place it. He started to record the happenings to learn how to be faster. So he discovered if he placed a tape on the screen he could be more precise while clicking. So thats what he did the other day and amazingly enough he got the house!
Of course the rage started asap. People were screaming and whining like mad men. He was devastated and I had to talk him into keeping it as he got insecure about the whole situation. 1 of them even tried to convince him she was a GM… Then they gave him the “suspicious user” buff ofc..

This has gotten out of hands completely, when people are behaving like this. Get a grip for gods sake! Only one can get the house, some people will be disappointed. Everytime. But regardles who gets it, the new owner will be insulted and accused for being a hacker. Well thats life I guess, drama lhama and maybee that´s partly why ArcheAge is so entertaining? All politics and drama. Of course it is:):)

What u can do if u are extremely suspicious of hackers is that u record the whole thing. Then its a lot easier to see if somethings fishy´s going on. Thankfully my guildie has it all recorded so he can prove the house was put down accordingly. Before u rage in global chat next time, without evidence, think twice. People notice what u say and what u do. And if u report innocent people over and over again u are a griefer and u could end up being banned yourself…

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