This is my alt. She is level 14 (she was born about 14 of september >.>) and farming is the only thing she does. And its the only thing I can do after the last patch as I got the freeze problem. Before it everything was peachy so dont jump on my computer, its perfectly fine. A lof of people got this problem, the client freezes every 3rd – 15 minutes(if u are lucky). This makes the game unplayable. It seems that most ppl with this problem has AMD hardware.

I can´t use a glider cos if it freeze up in the air I will spawn without glider and be killed. I cant do any questing or pvp cos i will freeze and get killed. This is my third day without being able to play the game and Im patient but even I am starting to lose it now…. Trion is suggesting a lot of tweaks around this and nothing works. The only thing that might work is that u update the patch Trion. Just do it.


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