Did you know….

Did u know that if you take Ctrl + F12 u will be able to zoom in very close on your char in ArcheAge to take pictures and such? Dont use Ctrl+F by mistake tho, then u enter bloodlust mode and can kill your own faction D:
And did u know that if you dont have a mountain to take off from with your glider u can climb a high tree then jump and equip the glider… Guildie Khadoas showed me.
Did u know u can make your own music in ArcheAge? Here is me and Zagrim trying to lighten up some hostile dudes in Hellswamp with our awesome tunes ^^ I got my music from a guildie, Gentlemandapper, who has artistry as his profession and the flute is crafted by Jariel.
Did u know how much fun it can be in Halcyona when the war starts? :P Chaos is not enough to explain the situaion…. In the pic (click to enlargen) ppl are fighting to get to a NPC that spawns so u can get your medal. Then everyone has to run to the enemy camp to fight over a crystal to get even more medals :):) And dont forget that on the way u can find boxes in the grass that give u even another medal if collected ^^ When u have about 10 medals u can craft a necklace that can be upgraded. Over and over again…
Read more: http://www.ign.com/wikis/archeage/Battle_for_the_Golden_Plains
And last but not least, did u know my guild “Friskyttarna” is so awesomesauze?:):) With them I get to do all the cool stuff and they always help me when I fail :`)
and I know u know that I lubs mah chickens :D:D

(sorry about poor picture quality due to I decreased quality to survive the chaos in Halcyona :):)




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