KoS and Friends in ArcheAge

As a guild we avoid to make unnecessary enemies. But the enemies seek us out anyho and there´s not much to do about that. So sadly we have a Kos (Kill on Sight) list now, a short 1 of course. Before another guild ends up on our KoS list they have to misbehave quite badly for a while. As in entering bloodlust and ganking our members unprovoked over and over again. Even then our guild leaders contacts their leaders and try to talk to them and make peace. Sorry to say some guilds doesn´t care to listen…. (Pic of the Swedish king on the ship up to right :)
As most of u know already its essential to have good friends in ArcheAge. We look upon pirates and reds (east) as our main enemies. We see no point in making enemies by attacking our own faction out of greed to steal their packs. So we are happy to have some valuable friend guilds as Prime and Thelyn Ennor. We did a successful trade run with them this tuesday.
I didnt participate due to RL work but i got pictures from Khadoas. Its powerful to see all the allies ships and all the tractors when entering Freedich Island. Later they met one of our worst enemies, The Black Swans, and the Swans got some spanking ;)

Video is not from the biggest battle, Its Khadoas boat and there was just some fuzz around,  but I like to show off our beautyful logo. I hope to have a proper sea battle video soon :D
Some of their members have attacked our members several times totally unprovoked. Last time in a house in Hellswamp, over and over again several days in a row. And at least 2-3 versus 1 of course (Yes we have a combat log and screenshots). Thats not pvp, thats just bullying >:(

We never bully anyone, but we will pay back.
cutScreenShot0361Guild allies will be even more important now when Auroria is about to open in a few weeks. Who will be king of Auroria? The king will be able to build factions with guilds from East too and collect taxes from land. This will be so epic!

Credits: All pictures and youtube from Khadoas, thank you! (Click for larger pics)


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