Friskyttarna survived The Black Pearl #ArcheAge

First of all I have to brag; I dinged this friday so im level 50 now :):) Better later than never :):) Im posing in my first tailored shirt as im trying to level that professon. “Trying to” as my work, kids and dogs irl always comes first <3 I actually have bad concious Iv played too much as AA is so new and fresh its hard not to… umm but teens on the other hand arent that keen on having their mum on their back 24/7 ;(
Anyho this fridays event with the guild was to grow hundreds of clover illegally in East, the enemy continent, where we hoped for some action.
Not many enemies dropped by but we grew our crop and someone in the guild planted letters “FRI” as in Friskyttarna. Impressive! :D
Then a lady in the guild logged in with her east char and we got some action eventually, kicking her around (sorry I couldnt resist) :D:D
I choosed to hand in my pack for gold and not risk entering Freedich a friday with this delicious stuff….  >.>  But some of the others wanted gildas so we went out to sea again, pressing our luck
And this is were it became epic. Suddenly we saw a ship moving fast against us on the radar. And there she was, the Black Pearl D: And here is where i failed as i dont have any pics cos I had too high settings and got some major lag spikes which stressed me out a bit.

Impact is the first guild on the EU servers as far as I know to have obtained the Black Pearl. Impact has about 1k members too, thats 1 of the reasons i suspect ;)

The ship is a killer to meet and we felt doomed. It was chaos, some ppl died and in the middle of it all a clear headed man, Kingogrish, in our guild acted. He spawned his clipper so it blocked The Black Pearl from moving. So our captain got his chance to save his ship and the rest of the crew. Totally amazing! :) And it worked. We got to a small neutral island and repaired the ship. We had survived the Black Pearl :D
Tho we were determined to try to trade those packs att Freedich so as soon as the ship was ok we went for it. Freedich was swarming with reds so we had to hide behind some cliffs. Fighting while carrying packs is a no no… but they spotted us eventually and we had to run for it. 
I stealthed and some guildies got on a boat. I was going to try to trade the pack but after a while our scout said it was impossible and i started swimming out towards a clipper. Tho enemies had spotted me… I stealthed and was swimming extremely slow with my pack (ok it was Lysins pack:):). Some of them used gliders to bomb me to get me out of stealth so I dived. I continued to swim under water until I nearly drowned. When i came up again, almost dead, they had given up :D
The clipper came for me and we could trade the packs at our own continent eventually.
After that I was drained and it was extremely late. I had been up since 6 am so I was drowsy. Then of course some guildies, Antiwipe, Spybreak, Sylandar and Quamo, talked me into joining them in GHA – Great Howling Abyss in Hellswamp >.< As u may remember dungeons is not 1 of my fav… all those mechanics! @_@
But it was fun and they were patient with me:):)
But of course I died at the third boss (what a bitch!!) and left our poor tank alone with the mobs ;(
But of course they killed her, awesomesauze as they are <3 Then the bed was screaming at me and I logged off. Thanks for taking me with u <3 I had no ideas of the mechanics but my guildies did their best to help out. I think next time might be easier and hopefully not this late ^^ Here is a video I wished i had looked at before this encounter:

Good luck! :)


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