Peace, Love and Understanding

The other day me and my guild “Friskyttarna” went to Freedich Island to deliver some trade packs. It was about 25-30 I think but we werent as many so we used wagons and ships. Anyho we arrived and expected pirates and reds of course. We scouted a bit and saw only our own faction so we started to move towards the trader. And what happens? Suddenly the place swarmed with ppl from another guild who went in bloodlust mode, killed us and stole our packs before we had time to say gank. Not the reds, not pirates. I was like *doh?* When we woke up from the dead we were pissed of course and 1 guildie had lost all his 11 packs so he was devastated and logged off.
So we went back asap, purple, and the guild that had attacked us had switched to green again of course. And yes some ppl died and I have to work on the weed in Marianople again to make the judge happy ;) It was lag though and I heard a poor innocent had been killed in the turmoil and I hope it wasnt me, but it went out of control a bit so im sorry, that wasnt our intention.
Anyho, finally we met up on the beach with the other guild and our leader joined their Teamspeak and everything was cleared. We got our packs back and thats great. Their reason to attack us was that, they claim, a couple from our guild had pkd some of their members on a traderun in Sanddeep. Yes, we are friendly with each other again.
I wish, when stuff like that occurs (random people from a guild kills some ppl in another guild for example), it would be easier for people from the opposite guild to find and contact guild officers and tell them what´s happened. Like a “report to guild” button :) I heard we had to ask some of our members to leave some days ago due to breaking guild rules (or something like that). All guilds have these kinds of problems and no guild can control everything their members do so stuff like this can escalate too far if not attended to. As this incident shows.
All in all, my main point is; relations in ArcheAge are vulnerable (ofc!) but are extremely important to nurture. Reds and Pirates should be our enemies, not our own faction. I wont enter bloodlust again whatsoever but I will defend myself. I dont want the risk of killing an innocent from my own faction. And I wont kill reds either, not unprovoked, other than if its war, ye call me boring if u like. And I havent killed many so far, I just cant kill someone pottering in their garden even if its a red <3

I will try to kill pirates though, well they ask for it dont they?  ;)

Credits: “Its a beautyful world” pictures by Khadoas. Click to see them larger


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