Guild power

I was going to log off yesterday when i saw someone from my guild Friskyttarna asked for help in chat. They were on a trade run and under severe attack by pirates. As they were in Solzreed area it was close and I had a chance to drop by without much trouble.
In seconds a raid was formed and it grew every second (not all are in that pic I think). So i went up on a mountain, took my glider and flew out to sea.
When i flew against the ships i saw the pirates and our ships, and from all directions i saw ppl flying in on gliders to help out. It was powerful to see. (no pic of this sorry to say as I was too concentrated on stearing and landing).
It was turbulence so I missed my landing at 1 of our ships and fell into the water but after some struggle managed to get aboard. I got to shoot at the pirates at least for a short while until I was killed but I did some damage to them at least ;) Im not level 50 yet and a bit squishy still.

The guild saved all tradepacks but 1 and there was quite a few :) Sorry to say I couldnt participate til the end as I had to work next day so the bed shouted at me (it was late).

ArcheAge is truly a guild and group game. The guild is everything and its loads of fun to play together with them. Yesterday we had a “silly Friday” meeting where we did some fun stuff toghether.
We also build stuff together, as these cutters in the pics. Labor points always is an issue so its a great way to get help out using them. I was helping out building 1 of them the other day and then took it out for a ride shooting down some reds (from east!) with the canons. I love canons! :D:D
Im looking forward to c0ntinue exploring ArcheAge with this guild and the rest of my friends. Its getting better each day, this game is amazing.

Ds the guildchat is only in Swedish and it is a requirement that u speak Swedish (or maybee norwegian?) to join the guild. But when we have raids we sometimes add others too. Thats good as I have some english speaking friends <3


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3 Responses to Guild power

  1. That sounds amazing!! Ive yet to encounter anything like this on the ‘Nui’ server or find a guild..sob sob..

    I have however got a spare character slot & Kryposa is open….hmmmm;)

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