Am I a Suspected User?

I got a buff thrown on me the other day from a person in ArcheAge so I went in the bathroom and took a picture to prove im not a bot actually, nor am I a hacker. Im too blonde for that^^ I even took the trouble to fix my hair similar to my avatar (except the colour ) :P
I refused a duel with this person so he got pissed:
Local text is white, the rest is spam from a trial and nothing more was said after this. Before I said “Are you daft?”  I got the duel request. So watch out for Luka, the horrifying debuff spammer on Kyprosa >.>
Im not whining, I just find this a tad amusing so I wanted to share with you (I was lvl 35-36 when this happened. I love this game, so much excitement 24/7 :)


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7 Responses to Am I a Suspected User?

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    What happens with this buff ? just vanishes ? o.O

  2. Miss Mojo says:

    And a lovely picture :-)

  3. Jaedia says:

    Love that “are you daft??” lol :D

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