Show Me Your Character

“Show me Your Character”  is a really awesome thread in ArcheAge forums for peeps who are interested in creating avatars. I love to scroll threads like that and admire peoples skills and creativity. I always end up feeling quite dull myself but my ArcheAge char, Xanni on Kyprosa, was my first avatar (I only have 2) created in closed beta and Iv kept her with very very small tweaks. I dont feel I can change much as iv gotten used to her :):) So treat me with a picture of your ArcheAge avatar! Leave a link in comments or, if you are too shy, why not update the ArcheAge thread with your creation :)

LINK: Show me your character


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2 Responses to Show Me Your Character

  1. Monica says:

    Xanni is so beautiful :) I really love the picture of Xanni with her wolf!

    If youd like, you can visit my page and take a look at my Morrygahn :)

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank you and I can say the same about your char. She is very similar to your RL looks :D U done a great job! Ill link to your site as I can read Norwegian. Others have to use google translate :) :)

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