The Large Scarecrow Challenge

Today I got help from my amazing guild “Friskyttarna” to do my last traderun quest – to get the Large Scare Crow farm! We went with 2 ships. I went in Taylorswifts boat and I was sure I would die before reaching the destination on the Eastern continent.
Pirates, seabugs, cats and Haranis…. but we managed to get into the circle and we all got the quest!
And we survived all the way home! I traded the pack in Cinderstone instead cos It was close to impossible to trade it in the east harbor.. :P We met some enemies and seabugs on the way but we all survived. We must have had a good healer with us ^^ Here are some more screenshots from the trip (click for larger):
It was exciting and im so grateful for all help I got. Here is the brave group:
I get a lot of help from the guild. The other day Herugrim helped me trade another packet in the west continent with his ship xx.
I have my scarecrow but I will help others do the run as often as I can. Tho I need to level a bit to be of more use im afraid >.>


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