Stand in Line

Ya that is what I have been doing the last days, queuing for ArcheAge. And I have given up too as I work and can only log in after work. When u log in and there is 5300 in queu… at least I give up ^^ But I managed to log in early morning 20 min before work and chop down some of my trees at least. Sadly, my progress is close to zero now as I cant log in much.
I have a subscription but so far patrons have been in the same queu as Free to play. But they promised to fix this tonight. The queues will go on, tho a bit lighter i hope. Cos as I understand it,they will let 1 f2p in after 2 patrons so the queues will still probably be a lot worse than in head start for at least a couple of weeks (guessing now). Patience….

A friend om mine managed to log in on release day and this is what happened to him. A total surprise (recorded automatically by his graphic card). Note the chat window, the person says “Welcome to ArcheAge”. He got a bit shaky, lol:


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10 Responses to Stand in Line

  1. Weird I logged in twice yesterday to the new server with no problem and I’m not a patron.

  2. Azzura says:

    I DID manage to get in on day 1 after about 20 minutes – I made my character – picked Archer – and when I got in – got the Welcome to ArcheAge – followed immediately by 2 gold spams – then some chat and more gold spams…but there were at least 20 other archers just standing there! Logged out – haven’t been able to get on at all because I really don’t want to spend 45 minutes waiting to get into a game where I will be waiting to kill things.

  3. It sucks that y’all are having problems logging in. My problem is that I find the game so boring, it looks so pretty but the lower levels are so painful, not sure if I can stand until 30 to do get into the “sandbox” part of the game, whatever that really means. I spent 3 hours last night running around the world and mostly thought of how much more fun it is to pvp in Warsong Gulch in wow. I got called a wow “Fag” in chatbox for expressing my views!

    • Xannziee says:

      Do turn off public chat! Its horrible like in most mmos D:
      Crafting and harvesting is extremely fun and u can lvl without questing. I hate questing! I would like to do some pvp in Rift with u xx it will take me time to lvl in AA as i dont have any group to do content with…

  4. Syp says:

    It’ll be like a badge of honor to one day say, “I was there back during the GigantoQueues!”

  5. looks like it’s getting bad even in the U.S.servers. Could not log in tonight at all. Trion needs more server space

    • Xannziee says:

      In sowwy! but im sure It will cool down in a week or 2. The main thing for me is when i do get in, the game is extremely smooth and very few bugs if any. It will be awesome, just give it some time. I hate the queues but I can handle it and im having so much fun. Love it! <3 :)

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