Release Day – Head Start?

Na I didnt get much of a head start actually. I spent my evening in an endless queu as i got tagged “general” of some reason. Most in my guild wasnt so they could play relatively undisturbed and when they got DC they could enter quite fast again as I in the meantime had 2K before me in the queu -_-
This pic is after almost 4 hourse queu… How did I survive this? Because I had the fortune of joining a nice guild in ArcheAge, the Swedish guild “Friskyttarna” (dont ask me to translate that…). So I sat in mumble all evening, eating disgusting potatoe chips with vinegar, following their struggles inworld via voice.
So when i entered the game after 4 hours “land rush” in which I hadnt have a chanse to participate, I had no hope of finding any nice spot for myself. The guild island was already crowded so I aimed for a spot i found the last day of open beta. Its a bit outside the huge clusters of houses so I had hopes ppl would have missed it. And they had! So I planted my house asap *yay* Its in a lowbie area in Solzreed, a sort of farmland tho I only have a small house atm. I placed my small farm just a little bit further up the hill but still convenient. So I was lucky but it was  a close 1. A lot of ppl didnt find anything as its it extremely crowded now. A lot more than in beta….
Anyho I planted some stuff and went to bed eventually. Next day I had enough to do my first trading trip so I bought a mule and headed to the airship. Without mule it takes ages so I didnt have patience to wait until i got 1 for free in that crow quest :O)
I even met a friend from the guild on the airship. But now im DC again, tho I know this is standard at launches. Only this time it strikes quite harsh as some of us get a disadvantage when it comes to grabbing land, even tho we are founders too….

I even got ganked today at level 10 in a safe zone (Solzreed) when i was reading the map so i couldnt defend myself hahahah. Iv seen that ganker lurking around my neighbourhood quite a few times now. This spices up the game I can promise you that ^^

So now Im in a queu after 1500 ppl and can only watch my char with her smexy leather skirt and fishnet stocking armor. aha this must be the reason so many men choose to have a female char, to have something smexy to watch while queuing? I might have to go male char if this continues >.>


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