What will be, will be

Flying in ArcheAge with a glider – hard to beat the feeling. But its worth to upgrade it  ^^

So today is “head start” for all founders. Will we be able to log in? Im sure it will take its time, there will be a long queu im sure. But I feel no stress. What will be, will be. Im sure ill find some little spot somewhere to place my garden and I wont break my neck to get it. I can even accept a pvp zone tho it will be a little hard to live there before i hit 50 :P

Have you chosen server yet and guild? To find the right guild is important and sometimes its hard to decide just reading their forums. You might have to choose one and then leave if you feel its not right for you. To find the “right” one u may have to do this a couple of times even. But its worth it, cos the guild is necessary in ArcheAge and it will be your virtual family.

I hope to see you in world!! Be safe <3


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4 Responses to What will be, will be

  1. Aleth says:

    Are you still rolling on Kyprosa? It seems to be the max-conflict server of choice for some very large guilds!

    • Xannziee says:

      Max-confict sounds exciting :):) Kyprosa is my #1 choise atm but im not 100% sure yet…

      • Aleth says:

        Hehe, alrighty then. We decided on Eanna, which seems to be attracting the small and medium guilds more. Here’s hoping to a server full enough to be sustainable but not so bloated that we can’t log in.
        Good luck in your ArcheAge travels, love reading about your perspective on the world.

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