Robbed in Broad Daylight

The last day of open beta I just felt like pottering around exploring the wonderful landscape in ArcheAge (click for larger pics) but my dear friend Adefagia (Ade) had a different plan. She was determined I should finish my house in White Arden. Oiii I hadnt collect more than a few stones and logs with my poor human alt… O.o
(Pic; a carriage u can take when u carry trade packs etc) As I know its no use to argue with her I had start working. So we went to the mine to collect a few hundred stones, mined and crafted them to stonepacks.
It was hard work and it takes time! Then we had to chop some trees too ofc and turn them into lumberpacks. But we had so much fun doin it:):)
Eventually finished we slowly walked towards my unbuilt house and I started building. In the mean time Ade dropped her pack on the ground for me to pick up when i was finished. If she had looked over her shoulder she would have seen there was a man standing there… but she didnt.
He (Morgan) swiftly took the whole pack! O.o We got stunned by surprise. Then he ran away and after a few seconds of hesitation we went after him. We pushed him around chasing him. So he ran to a friend and dropped the pack and before we had a chance his friend took it and started running. *Gack!*
So the chase started all over. Why cant i shoot a thief that takes my stuff? Thats a bit odd as it is a sandbox :P We couldnt do much more than follow him. He ran around for a while trying to dodge us but I was determined to get the pack back as it was my last chance to see my house :`)
At last he stopped and dropped the pack and we could take it.
Thank god! We ran giggling back to the house and finished it asap. All thanks to Ade! <3
Then the little rascal thief Vang dropped by and offered us more logs. So we decided we liked him and probably they were just playing with us cos it was beta and wipe anyho. They couldnt know how hard we had worked to finish that house in time:):) Still, this is a good lesson to learn, tis a sandbox so remember to look over your shoulder before dropping anything valuable on the ground ^^ (pic down, Ade to the left, my house in background )
Then before the beta was over I created my main avatar on a new server so she will be ready for launch (if i can upload her that is…). See you in game!



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4 Responses to Robbed in Broad Daylight

  1. I thought Trion was going to wipe all servers before launch

  2. couillon says:

    Assuming the “Thief” was the same faction as you, you do have the ability to turn ON your pvp flag. This would allow you to attack the Thief to get your pack. Also, you can SAFELY store your pack on your farm land for as long as you want, as long as you reset the timer (put it on, take it off).

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