The Endless Ocean

A friend of mine had built a clipper and he took me for a ride:):) It was the most amazing thing iv done in a game I think (ok I havent done that much but anyhoo :):) We went far out in the ocean sure of being ganked any minute. (click for bigger pics)
But we only saw a poor Harani in a rowing boat. We thought about ganking him for a short while. Rotating around him to let him sweat a little:):)
But we felt sorry for him so we let him be. He was only about lvl 20 anyho <3 (ok I was 17). 1 life spared! :D
We went ashore on small islands where ppl had built houses even tho it was 100% PVP area so we had to sneak around to be sure not to stumble on any lvl 50.
East of Solzred is a beautyful but rather abandoned island. Im amazed by the graphics in this game… (click for bigger)
Then we took a break from West and went exploring in Firran land. Totally different with a lot more sand but also djungles where we flew over waterfalls with our gliders. Their mounts are a bit bumpy tho. The horse and elk are a lot smoother. A fun and practical part of AA is that you can share mount. Especially good for me who can get lost in my own back garden….
We have used that alot when we went around exploring and looking for land. It will be a rat race this friday the 12 sept when founders get a head start >.<
We created alts to run the first 10 levels to try to get faster. But I got lost as usual and even got stuck in a sign 1 time when I did a recall so I had to use escape (cast time at least 1 minute) which is good to know about as the game still has some bugs:
Good luck now and I hope u all find a beautyful little piece of land. My friend and I have had a lot of fun since B4 but may end up on different servers at launch, but if you read this, thanks a million for all the fun we had. <3

Next time I will tell you the horror story how me and another friend got robbed in broad daylight…. To be continued




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3 Responses to The Endless Ocean

  1. You do realize that AA is not the first mmo to offer naval adventuring right? Pirates cones to mind although I am not sure on board ganging was possible in that game

    • Xannziee says:

      But for me its the first :) and looks cool when they board ships from the air with gliders. I was a bit nervous on that trip so i took some birds for ppl on gliders *doh*

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