Broken Bottles and Fishy daggers in ArcheAge

I had a goal when i logged in for ArcheAge open beta and that was to be serious and really work hard to see how fast i could get a house placed from scratch. So what happened? My computer got pms so I had to download new drivers 2 times before i gave up and downloaded AA in another computer. Then I was tired so we got to Mirage island. We stood in a queue (there is a constant queeu to everything in open beta) to try the racing cars (uhum…) when 2 enemy players showed up. So one of them and my friend started to… well i dunno what they did actually :D
Next day I leveled a new character on the East side, a Harani and bought myself a snow lion :O) East is actually quite pretty and exciting. But still, not the serious kind of gaming I was planning for >.>
Later that day I created a human char to talk to one of my friends on another server. Still NOT serious! And i met a smexy fisherman and got some fishy weapons from him:

But the worst part came when I met Bob and Clint. They gave me something tasty from a bottle (or 2) and I got all dizzy…. But as I crashed in the grass the bottle crashed too…
So I got myself yet another weapon! Beware for the pink haired lady with the smackerel and the broken bottle u baddies! AA seems to show off my worst personality traits…
Then I chatted the rest of the evening with an old guild friend (Adefagia <3)
And now 2 days of the open beta is gone and what have i accomplished? D:

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10 Responses to Broken Bottles and Fishy daggers in ArcheAge

  1. hordemaster says:

    More than I have! I just started beta this AM. I did manage to get my toon to level 6 and a rank of general. Also, I got myself a mount! Too bad all our accomplishments get wiped after beta, so I won’t get too attached to them, I rolled a toon on the aranzeb server. I did notice the queue was wayyy longer in the afternoon.

    • Xannziee says:

      Aranzeb is one of the busiest NA servers I think but im not sure. Yes they are crowded atm but thats always how it is in new games i guess so it will cool down. U have to have sharp elbows:):) I will be exciting to follow you in your blog. I hope you like it. It takes to lvl 10 maybee before u get a feeling of it. Not until lvl 30 about the “real” game starts they say :) I agree I only play around in Beta and try to explore and find out things about the game. I dont level much :)

  2. Alan Duff says:

    Hi Xann,

    I was in AA last night but could not work out how to find you lol. Any hints as I’m a full on noob lol.



    • Xannziee says:

      awww i miss being turned into a sheep! (red your comment in the forum :`) Well depends on which server you are on. In the beta im on Eanna and edit;:Kyprosa!. On launch It will probably be Eanna if not something unexpected happens. I will send a private Im in forum when iv checked my char names (memory like a goldfish ^^ ) xx

  3. hordemaster says:

    I should roll a toon in Kyrios so we can explore together!

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  5. Khortish says:

    Sounds like you’re having a blast! :D Not long now before launch!

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