Think of me

I will think of you. Yesterday I left my Rift guild just because… I think it was time. I said goodbye in the guild Eternal Dawns forum and in game so there is no need for comments here. Im lousy at good byes so I couldnt make myself go back and read what my friends wrote in the forum cos that would make me cry as im a softie. So I thank  you all this way instead. We had so much fun. (Use the Category “Guild” to right in this blog to filter some of our guild adventures). <3

I will never forget you as you were my first guild and I love you very much. Iv learned a lot from you and got a lot of support. But as Im going to play ArcheAge now I feel i have to quit as It would be horrible to come back and no one recognize me. Only new names and new faces. I dare not so i quit. But I might come back with my tail between my legs after being ganked to eternity in AA, who knows. In the mean time i will try to keep in touch with my closest friends from the guild and maybee ill meet some of you in ArcheAge :)

Tomorrow its time for ArcheAge Open Beta and this vid is from a close friend who I started playing with. This is from our first hours in ArcheAge closed beta 4 (the elk has a really cute butt :):)


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5 Responses to Think of me

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Best of luck. I didn’t know there was open beta tomorrow, might check it out. Hope you enjoy the game. I know I like what I have seen, but I don’t know if I can play a game that is based around pvp.

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