ArcheAge – Ships and Battles

Only 2 days until Open Beta september 4!
Launch for Founders is september 12 and public Launch is september 16

Only founders can build and own houses and farms but everyone can build a ship. So I expect that a lot of free players will go for the boat, fishing and maybee be pirates too D: So how do you build your own ship?:

But the legendary Black Pearl is not for sale:
black pearl 600
She is only obtainable via rare drops from mobs or buying the fragments from auction house. Or… if you steal her? ;)

This is while rest of us poor farmers stay at home safe in our small houses, hiding from all dangerous pvp. (I promise to all of you that think pvp is horrible, its not. Rather it spices up the game and makes it more exciting so dont be afraid, lets have fun. Most important is to have friends and a guild to lean on:)

Well I have practised a little in Rift anyho, might come in handy. Yesterday i got the achievement Warfront Veteran with my lvl 52 – means I have won 100 WFs with different teams now *proud* Well actually it must be a lot more as I have an alt at lvl 41 too :):)

I hadnt been in a WF for over a week so very rusty at lvl 52 (Xannie) struggling with ranger and came in later in the game too. Still, “not so shabby”, as Noobzilla always says ;) so I hope ill survive at least some minutes in AA. Tho i admit I can be really lousy x 2 too. Someday when i feel confident i will publish my worst pvp fail warfronts where im just running around clueless getting shitloads of healing and dealing no damage. But not today ^^
Im impressed by the amount of healing #no 1 and 4 got. There is no fairness in pvp ;( *lol*


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