A new adventure – ArcheAge launch date is set

I read a very good blog recently about when its “too late” to join a game and I cant for my life find it to link it here (help! Comment if you know which 1 im talking about). I have thought a lot about that for some time. Rift was my first real mmo and I started playing it in january this year. I cant believe that actually, it feels like iv been in Rift for ages as I have 2 lvl 60, 1 lvl 52 and 1 in her 40ish chars  :)

[All pictures in the posting are from ArcheAge]

Problem is I continue feel like a newcomer as a lot of my friends has been in Rift since 2011 so I joined “too late” and will never catch up. The consequence of that is I dont invest (either mentally or economically) as much in the game as I would have if iv joined earlier I believe.
Ok im a patron but still. I´ts not so much fun to develop crafting as “everyone else” is at cap 375 in my Rift guild so I can aswell just send them crafting materials and let them craft, but i may be wrong. I only have 1 artifact set and my friends has several hundreds so im lost in that department too.

Rift is based on old tech and uses too much CPU compared to other games which makes it too laggy in some situations. That makes me hesitate too. I cant get rid of the feeling that its too late and no use for me to invest in new souls etc as new games will appear and bye bye Rift.
I tried ESO and it couldnt compete with Rift. I looked at Wildstar and decided i didnt even want to try it. I tried DDO and uninstalled it after 1 hour.
Ok iv started play Defiance but that game is by Trion too lol. But i only play it when Rift is offline haha. I want to play Rift without this feeling of being an outsider. Is that possible?
I feel like I cant immerse fully in Rift as I came “too late”. What i would like is to be part of a game almost from start. Maybee that would help me get rid of this feeling?  And now, when I feel more uncertain than ever, ArcheAge presented their official launch date:


So my beta char was born about a week ago:

We have an epic adventure in front of us :)

Credits: All pictures in this posting except the last one are from the ArcheAge intro.



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10 Responses to A new adventure – ArcheAge launch date is set

  1. Khortish says:

    I think it’s quite possible to break away from that ‘newcomer’ feeling. It just takes time and perhaps a ‘reboot’ like an expansion will create. Like you mentioned it can be disheartening when you get a recipe that everyone else already has and nobody needs anymore. However, a new expansion ‘reboots’ the game by making everything previous redundant – for everyone. Therefore you all start with more or less a clean slate.

    At that point you will feel more of that community feeling. RIFT will probably relive those 100+ player Great Hunt raids, except with new 3.0 content like, say, Nightmare Rifts. Players will all be going for new craft recipes that you can work towards obtaining and the limited amount of craft marks per week will allow crafters to feel important again (since you’ll have to discuss with your guild who will get what recipe each week and share them with the rest of the guild).

    When you queue up for new Nightmare Tide dungeons, most players will be in similar gear and have similarly limited experience for those dungeons. That means you’ll no longer end up in a dungeon where you’re doing 1/4 the damage of that Tier 3-geared player who is rushing through the dungeon, out-dpsing mechanics and making you feel so insignificant and unsatisfied with your virgin run of the dungeon.

    In short – launch and expansions help break that ‘newcomer’ feeling.

    I actually have the opposite problem ever since playing RIFT – starting a new MMO from the very beginning often makes me dislike the game in short order because I keep comparing it to RIFT and usually – besides graphics – the other games fall short.

    New games tend to not have that much in them at the start. You’ll often have players who rush to max level start complaining about how there’s not much at end-game and how the game is missing all these features that the established MMOs have. But they forget that most of those features were missing from the established MMOs when they first launched as well. It was the same with RIFT – lots of players complaining there was nothing to do; guilds disbanding a few months after launch/etc.

    As such, after all the wasted money experiencing new MMOs for launch month or less, I’ve decided to wait a year or two and then take the plunge into MMOs that have been released for at least a year. Usually reviews are less hype-oriented and all the “login queues too high in launch week, I give this MMO 3/10, Do Not Recommend!” reviews have disappeared off the top reviews for those games. Interestingly enough, it’s usually just a year or two before a lot of ‘recent’ subscription-based MMOs have turned to F2P so I get to experience a game with a year’s worth of content + polish + features-that-should-have-been-there-at-launch, all for ‘free’.

    • Xannziee says:

      I´m afraid you got a point. But maybee I have to make my own mistakes? So after a couple of turbulent years while i´m hopping between Rift and ArcheAge, stressed out, you can say “I told u so” and point at this comment :)

      • Khortish says:

        It’s all good, I won’t say “I told you so” :P. Everyone has their own preferences so my own personal ‘philosophy’ on gaming might not reflect your own and I could be completely wrong.

        Also, ArcheAge is kind of different from the norm. It is created by XL Games and has been out in Korea since January 2013. As such it will have more polish, content, fixes and feature additions than your typical Western MMO that launches first in the West. So the usual issues with a new launch might not be seen for ArcheAge’s launch (besides login queue times and server lag during launch).

        On the downside though – XL Games is the developer; Trion is just the publisher for the West. What might be popular for the Korean market might not tide over so well for the Western market and at the end of the day Trion can only make suggestions, with final decisions on any changes to new patches being from XL Games.

        That said – since it’s free2play – I might end up hopping on just to experience seeing a ton of players randomly following each other hoping the person in front knows what they’re doing. :P

  2. Yarissa says:

    And for what it is worth a lot of your guildies are in the same boat – Radly, Lezza and Yarissa all started in Rift in January for example.

    • Xannziee says:

      Yes ofc. Oh is Rad and Lez still around? Havent seen them in ages. Miss everyone a lot.

    • Jaedia says:

      Jaedia’s only put a few months in. Played at launch for a couple of months. A couple of days in 2013.. a couple of months from February-ish until I took my Summer break, been back about a month now.

      I felt like an outsider until I joined the White Wolves who have always been inclusive and friendly.

      At the end of the day.. the “outsider” feeling is something we create ourselves out of anxiety. We make our own fun and places in these games and if they don’t feel right, we’ve either gotta look at it differently, or make a change.

      Please remember a lot of us are planning to play ArcheAge as well, which is why I’m really confused as to why you’ve left us, I can only assume you decided from the above options you needed to make a change and perhaps find a new crowd. Which is fine, and I hope you find what you’re looking for. :) These are games and they should be fun. If you’re stressing and upset playing them, not worth your time. *hug*

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