ArcheAge – whats next?

ScreenShot0139 The last day of the beta I had only 1 hour after work to play so I didnt do much but exploring and doing some quest. I was hoping to get my melee weapons back but I didnt. I lost them the other day, i dont know how. Maybee a bug or I did something(?) nvm I have my bow so ill survive :) As Elf I was irritated in the beginning that i got an elk(!) as mount so I went and bought a horse too (Click pics to get larger)
ScreenShot0158But you know, strange enough after that I started to appreciate my elk more. So now I seldom use the horse tho its wonderful too :) But the elk is a common animal in Sweden so I guess he suits me:):) And he is beautyful! *_*

The day before I got loads of help from a friend who took me to Mirage Island and helped me to get my thumbs out to buy and place my first house blueprint! Now i just have to build it ;( 
0FriendScreenShot0196We explored and went jumping off mountains with our gliders. I do have to upgrade mine next log in. The upgraded gliders at Mirage Island are totally amazing *_* (click for bigger pic!):
ScreenShot0121The last thing i did before the servers shut down was to feed my farm animals. The turkey is a bit crazy jumping up and down :O) I long for next beta. Trion will have a party tomorrow friday and they talk about an announcement. Will next beta be open beta?

See you soon in ArcheAge I hope! <3


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2 Responses to ArcheAge – whats next?

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Game looks nice :) Your mount on first picture is awesome!
    Gliders O.O Gimme.

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