Lost in Defiance land

 A friend of mine wanted to try Defiance (by Trion) so I created a char. Then I ran around Defiance tutorial map and searched for my friend. He searched for me with no luck either. So we thought maybee its because we are in the tutorial? I almost failed to get out of the tutorial but eventually did. Then we ran around again, still no luck. I logged out and in again then my friend asked me: -are you on an EU server? DOH! I wasnt of course, I was on a US server by default – as im blonde ^^Now I have to create a new char and survive that bl–y tutorial again D:

Why I try it? Its because we all need some variety now and then, im no exception. I love Rift tho and am not sure any of the coming mmos are suitable for me. I dont think Defiance is that game and ArcheAge seems to be endless grinding. EQ Next? I just dunno…. doesnt feel much for any of them atm tbh… But Im sort of tired of Rift and tired of playing alone so I hope i find something nice this autumn. Do you have any ideas please dont hesitate do share them with me :) Ofc I will always come back to Rift regularly anyho, my first real mmo <3


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4 Responses to Lost in Defiance land

  1. Im pretty much in same boat although Rift being just one of many mmo’s that ive played the last year. Its managed to grab itself the top spot on my steam account which is no small feat & testament to how good a game it is. Its an amazing game but starting so far behind the rest of the pack always leaves something missing & as such its starting to fall to the wayside, until 3.0 is released with the new level cap of 65 which will give us fresh faces some catch up:)

    Until then I find myself in a constant state of mmo shopping so to speak, paroosing the isles picking up the odd morsel here & there. In a state of Trionholism Ive picked up Trove & Defiance for a spin both of which arent bad but never going to fill that void..alas:(

    Oh well enough of my ramblings, if you ever need a Rift companion let me know an we’ll go run some dungeons or feel free to give me a shout via steam. Always online & new game suggestions always welcome lol



    PS: If your looking for other mmo’s maybe give Neverwinter a try? Its a fun more action orientated game that as long as you ignore the grind or Perfect Worlds evil business strategy is good fun at times….in small doses..

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank u again! xxxx would be cool to play together some day. Im also looking forward to 3.0 but it will take a while…. I registered on steam but never downloaded it – forgot all about it til now :O)
      Neverwinter…. ill have a look!:):)

  2. Again no problem:) I know a lot of people dont actually use steam but even if not used for as a client for games its actually a great utility for upcoming game news & has a HUGE selection of F2P games that helps to fill the gaps between games.

    Good luck out there in Telara & happy gaming:)

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