Dont (always) blame it on a premade

 I met Tani in our guild dimension the other day. She dropped by to admire my new and colorchanged dress, purple ofc ;) Tani and I are prolly among the slowest levelers in the guild. We are more interested in being silly, vanity items like pets, outfits and dimension exploring than XP and achievements >.>
Anyho I continued my efforts to talk her into trying pvp and warfronts and this time I succeeded! I think it was mostly due to my little croc baby who flirted with her. In the pic you can see his tail under her skirt ^^
She got in as a healer and was awesome of course. Grats Tani – now known as “the Slayer”! Hope we can play together soon, when i hit 50 – love to have my own pocket healer :P
After that i got into 2 warfronts myself. The first in the library was quite normal and I gave slightly more healing than I got myself (as it should be). I save screenshots of some games to try to learn from them as you can see alot afterwards what happend and why. Iv put some explanatory text over some symbols to make it easier (click picture for larger):
The next warfront was different. It was in the Black Garden and both teams had several healers. We didnt die much and it was almost impossible to kill anyone. The battle was intense and it felt like it went on forever:
I was too close to the enemy line so I took horrible amount of damage but a wonderful healer saved my ass (thank youuu! :`) I was chasing their healers and they were hiding behind the rift stuff >:( It seems nicer to be a mage, just burning ppl down from a distance *winks at newly buffed pyromancers* :P

Iv never got so much healing or damage before, it was insane. When you look at the result to the right its easy to think it was a premade as it was such a huge difference in scores. But I couldnt see there was any premade present this time. The difference was, I think, (arrow to left) that we were lucky enough to be able to pick up the fang most of the times. Thats not easy in the middle of a battle like this, when aoe damage rains over the area and u get interrupted 24/7. We also did a lot of the damage on our side. So this is why i often take screenies afterwards and try to figure out what actually happened in the chaos. But as im still new at this I may get it wrong so dont hesitate to correct me :)

(I dont say premades are no problem against pugs. Of course they often are. Even as few as 2 players grouped in Team speak can make a difference and tip the balance in a warfront, if they are half decent).

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2 Responses to Dont (always) blame it on a premade

  1. Tanivia says:

    YAY I made it into xanns blog :D That’s reason enough to try pvp! :D Thanks for talking me into it, I’d probably never tried it without your and your crocodile’s gentle push. Would have missed a surprisingly enjoyable aspect of the game otherwise.

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