A Suicide Mission in Meridian

A guild friend, Wolfkin, lured me to Stillmore to kill some “endless guards” or something for our guild quest. Of course I couldnt say no. Asap when I arrived he turned me into a sheep >:(
Been there done that… I got furious of course so…
…i changed my healing cleric to Inquisitor and burned him down. He is a guardian as you can see and we know how they are dont we? A good guardian is a dead guardian :)
After that I took a soul recall to Meridian to chill. But i didnt get much “chill” until he (full of revenge!) and a fellow guardian lady, Adefagia, landed right in front of me on Meridian plaza:
To prevent them from killing me I dropped my pvp status so I could watch the guards kill them instead >:)
There was a bloodbath of course, total chaos and they actually took some guards down..
..before we got 2 guardian gravestones on the Meridian plaza and everything went back to normal again.

[EDIT: This posting is just a comic! Attack Meridian was an official guild quest. I dont want ppl to misunderstand. I love both Ade and Wolf dearly <3 ]


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2 Responses to A Suicide Mission in Meridian

  1. Why did he turn you into a sheep? And why is he still in your guild? :/

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