Partners in Crime

 So eventually, after a lot of unforeseen circumstances, at last we got to play together me and my virtual US friend and Partner in Crime – Hordemaster. Yes we have 9 hours time difference between us! O.o So no easy match… Tho we wont get tired of each other as fast this way, maybee ^^

When I met him first time in world (Silverwood on Seastone) he was running around like a ghost, DEAD… Seems he needs a bodyguard:):) I felt a little lost as im a defiant at heart but Ill get used to be “fake” guardian i hope ;)
It was close we didnt get to play this wednesday either as I, the same day, got some really disturbing news IRL and was devastated. But I decided I needed a break from RL and that was a good decision. RL can really be too much now and then…. >.<

My monkey friend has a great blog and I agree with everything he said in his posting after we met (link down). MMOs are meant to be played together. I have had a hard time finding anyone to play with as I do a lot of pvp and my guild is mostly pve so I started to get bored soloing and played less each week.

So Im totally looking forward to this even if we cant play together that often of course. This gives me extra energy so I might even be tempted to run a dungeon or 2 with my guild. I do need to collect some pve armor and stuff….  :P

MMO Gamer Monkey blog:



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