Create an alt and take the Stairway to Heaven

I got the question why I created an alt on the US servers. That is quite simple. For a long time I have had G+ friends and blog friends who has been on the US servers and I havent been able to meet up with them. This way I can! The other main reason is that im curious to explore the US dimensions and to do that I have to have a US alt. This is my Dimension Inspiration:
dimension blogjpg
Link: The Dimension Touring Company :)
Stairway to Heaven is a dim by Aralith@Seastone where u can get your christmas gifts all year around *yay*! :P I intend to change server now and then so I can explore all of them:
As we can change server without cost every week this is a great deal.
So I encourage you all to make an alt on both the US or Euro servers if you dont have already. And if you want company exploring dont hesitate to contact me in world (Xannie@Gelidra, or private message to @Xannziee – Twitter so we can exchange char names and so on. There are tons of wonderful dims to explore :)
And this morning i spawned in the middle of a bloodfire behemoth. As I dont run this avie other than explore she is only lvl 11 (will continue to be so for a long time i suspect) and this boss was a sweet 16 so it was a bit sceery but I survived :D
Be Strong – make an alt! :D:D


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6 Responses to Create an alt and take the Stairway to Heaven

  1. Hiya Xan! Finally made the time to come and visit you – wow nice blog !!! I like your style, I dooo like your style. I put you on my blogroll & am going to enjoy reading all your older posts – huggies! – Av(atars of Steel)

  2. Jaedia says:

    I don’t think you can visit dims on other servers to your characters even if you sharp hop, but you can definitely make alts on different servers to check them out! :D

    And you’re not alone, I have a baby Rogue on Faeblight. ^^

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