Xan Goes West

 So im back where I started sort of, with an elf rogue. But on a US server this time.  And Seastone of all servers so this will prolly be a gank party, waves to “slipawayassassins” ;)

This pic is from her first warfront at lvl 10 and it was ofc a death fest as it is when u join with lowest armor possible and crappy weapons. She is born in Silverwood as my first rogue elf (see her here: https://xannziee.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/my-first-steps-in-the-rift/  ) the one i deleted because I didnt understand how to play it :P Well she is reborn now so we will see how long she´ll survive this time….

I have a strong feeling I will delete that warrior with the big butt…. ^^


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3 Responses to Xan Goes West

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    How come your on a US server ? :)

  2. Because she and I are playing together :-)

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