Does my butt look big in this?

… it obviously does…. As I was bored waiting for Trion to fix this XP issue I rolled a new char, a warrior, to have something to do while waiting. Warrior is the only calling I havent tried so far. Of course she got a bikini ^^ even tho it was a bikini of steel (Trions Rift Fashion! :):)

The warrior has a playstyle that doesnt seem to suit me very well. She is quite small compared to that huge 2 hand sword so she has trouble to swing it. And she is SLOW! This is eating my patience as im a rogue at heart and used to a little more dexterity and swiftness:):) Guildleader Radly said i should switch to paragon instead so ill give that a try. She is low lvl atm so may take some time before I see if it makes a difference. If ill ever come that far….as this is just a test and I have a strong feeling warrior is NOT my cup of tea – tho a lot easier to play than mage…  >.>


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3 Responses to Does my butt look big in this?

  1. yea it kinda does look em…disproportionately but you would make a kick ass warrior, I say stick with it for a while try it and see how you do

    • Xannziee says:

      lol!! I havent played her for a week now… -have a sick relative irl. I might try later if i get time. Who wouldnt wanna be a “kick ass” warrior? :):)

  2. ug hate it when RL interferes with mmo questing!

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