Slow down Trion

Argh!! I just read in Riftgrate about the “improvements” of patron status and vials now active 24/7. Hu huh, im sure everyone except me loves this idea (everyone that is patron that is…). My problem is that I DONT WANT to level fast. Because i join warfronts with 2 persons regularly who are not patron but the main reason is that I have no hurry to get to level 60.

The reason for that is I focus on pvp and I know that conquests is no fun and fresh lvl 60 can only look forward to being farmed by high rank players. I wont do that. I wont continue play if pvp doesnt get more balanced at lvl 60. Atm I have a lot of fun and have had since lvl 15 when i started (lvl 44 now). So I want to continue like this as long as possible and NOT LEVEL! :`(

But I cant turn off that XP boost ;( Sorry Trion for being unthankful but this doesnt suit me atm. But I will be happy if you fix the inbalances in lvl 60 pvp and conquests, then all is fine :)

Otherwise I will need a way to turn off the XP boost, but I still want my favor boost running tho… Trion has promised to fix this the next hotfix so I guess I have to stop playing for a week now.

EDIT: I have to add that its not possible to mentor down in PVP as you can do in PVE.

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4 Responses to Slow down Trion

  1. Khortish says:

    That is an oversight on Trion’s part. That said, perhaps it’s time for another alt~~~!

  2. A fix for this is coming. You’ll be able to disable it, but I’m not sure of the details.

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