Volan looked at me….

 but i survived! (Click pictures to see them bigger) Adefagia shouted Volan at me and Zamina this morning and we bolted to Ashora.  But strange enough me and my guildies ended up in different groups, only me in my group:
volan group1
We had maybee too many healers but on the other side almost no one died either and thats unusual in a Volan event iv heard. I buffed myself a lot to be able to see the whole battle as it was first time for me and even tho i got 5 major hits from Volan I managed to stay alive and jumping out of the aoe too. Look at him in the first pic, he is huge! Compare to that small and brave person trying to jump him to right :D The lag was quite ok for me, not too bad even tho it was tons of people and a lot going on
I got a bit tired after this so I went to my Dimension to enjoy the peace and quiet. I have 2 dims i love, both Faen`s retreat (pic) and Shoreward Island.
  <More about Volan zone event:


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