The Hippy Chic Bard

 I took my Bahmi girl to the stylist the other day to cheer her up. She looks like she is carrying all the worlds sadness on her shoulders, but the facepaint didnt help im afraid…

As for now I have been most comfortable playing the Bard role with her in pvp. I remember the first time I really noticed a bard in game. It was a while ago in Morban when I was on a IA with my Cleric. I had a bard in my group, I heard the music and got amazed. I stalked that bard for a while and got more and more impressed. Mostly because of the stylish way to kill monsters, with the lute :) And I dont feel I have to have an impressing warfront outfit when I play bard so I wear my hippy chic bard outfit instead :D
As I just leveled to 30 I will have a hard time in warfronts for a while as Im lowest in my group. This will be painful >.<

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2 Responses to The Hippy Chic Bard

  1. j3w3l says:

    oooooo… i loved the bard, fun class to play especially in war zones as your so active. all those buffs help the group heaps too.
    Love those sounds as well!!
    For me I teamed it up with the nightblade, gave me far more movement and survivability.

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