PVP in The Rift

It was only last weekend I created my new char and started to PVP with her. It feels like ages ago. Iv done so many warfronts its impossible to count. Because its so FUN!
Its the first time I run a rogue too and I change between a damage and a support role. But strange enough I seem to do better in warfronts than in PVE. I know my damage is not high enough in PVE (with my level 60 cleric) but i dont seem to be able to fix it :( Healing seem to work better for me tho. This has given me quite a low self confidence i must admit. So I had low hopes when I started doing WF. I was sure I would be a mess as Iv never done any PVP before in my life. First WF was a disaster ofc but I hadnt expect anything else so I continued because I found it entertaining. After some WF I noticed i started climbing on the boards and get achievements. (Click the screenshots to get them bigger)
I also noticed in chat i was on a “killing spree”, “Juggernaut” and even “on a Rampage” now and then.
I joined a WF at The Codex with a friend the other day and the team decided we should hold the Codex, so my friend and I and a healer (THANK GOD!) stayed because that control point is worth more than the others.
It was 1 of the most awesome WF iv been in so far. Enemies came from all directions, even from above, attacking us but we killed them all (where i got Rampage ;).
We were totally drained afterwards but so worth it. I can really recommend warfronts in the Rift for them who hasnt tried it. Monsters are so predictable, other players isnt, so ofc its a lot more exciting and various (and tiresome!).

But why do I suddenly do a lot more damage than I do in PVE? I wish I knew. I wonder if i can learn to play my Cleric better because of this? Or does the Rogue suit me better? Doesnt seem to matter if I use damage or support i still end up about the same in ranking. But ofc it varies but most often anyway. Im thankful if you have any tips and trixs or explanation for me as im still a noob in The Rift :):)
This is how the stats page look after a WF. You can see how much damage, kills, healing etc you are doing/recieving. (Tis Khadoas I often group with thank god :):)
Anyhow, warfronts has given me an entirely new game in the game. Im so happy I finally tried it! A lot of people dont seem to like it but I think most of them hasnt tried it in The Rift. And ofc its more fun to join with a group of ppl you know (isnt it always?) and talk in skype or whatever. But its fun doing it alone too, and you level fast. I havent done more than a couple of PVE quest with my rogue, mostly pvp quests ;) But you can almost see the levelbar move in a WF…
The Library, above, is a bit difficult as you have to carry some stuff that is poisonous so you get killed just by doing that D: And healers are gold in a WF. It gets very painful without a healer I can assure you. As u see in the pic I was working as a mercenary for the guardians this time, huh huh :):)
I have heard the pvp thread in the Rift forum is a bit harsh so I dont want to recommend that in the first place. I dont wanna scare anyone away (tho i havent read it myself either). But I found a guide (google) today, from the forum, that may be of use even tho its not entirely new:
Favour prestige and ranks in PVP

Take care and stay alive!



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2 Responses to PVP in The Rift

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    PvP is good fun as long as it’s not taken to serious :) And the nice part is you can notice your gaming skill become better and better as you kill people easier as time goes. You learn a lot about other classes as you try to kill them and eventually find out what works on different classes.

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