Killing Spree

 I have been thinking a lot about pvp in Rift and wanted to try it but it felt hard to enter a warfront first time with a level 60 with no pvp gear and no experience. So finally this weekend I decided to buy a new slot and create a third character just to try it out. And it was FUN!!!!! :D:D:D So today i presented her for the guild, I have had her hidden while I tried her out. I already have 3 roles for her, im especially curious about the bard. Ill try that when I feel courageous :)
And today her Cleric sister won a Croc mount in a zone event. But little angelic sister thought he was fugly so better go to ugly sister ;) And I love my wolf *_* This will be fun!

Take care and be prepared that I probably (can be the opposite who knows…) wont publish as often as usual as it is summer, but now and then when something exciting happens. Have a lovely summer! <3


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