The Guild and the World Cup

GH XanMal
We celebrated the last Great Hunt Rift day chasing rifts around Ashora and Cape jule. I say last because the guild will be a lot more quiet for a month now as the World Cup starts this week. And it is summer too and that is always a low season for games. In the pic me and the terrible teasing *good for nothing* big brother i never had in real life, guild officer Jacqques (or Malbec in the forum) is waiting for the action to begin. We had a lot of fun as usual and I got to heal!
All went well until the last Great hunt rift where i lost 2 in the group. The last rift expanded as a lot of ppl ran around, not just our group, and I had difficulties in keeping my group in range. I kept the tank alive but lost a couple as I couldnt reach them and they lost life quite fast as the boss had some major aoe dots pumping. Tho I love healing and Simcha is teaching me how to use Warden so I might try that next time I have a larger group :D
GH Ludvanor
So you are welcome to join our guild if you are over 18 but you need to be prepared its more quiet than usual in game atm. But we will still keep on chatting in the forum chat which is 1 of my favourites and there are still ppl around in game, not glued to the TV, u can group with ;)

The guild is a casual guild which means most of us have full time work, families and stuff that makes it hard to be hardcore so to speak. Some of us dont play everyday either. We still strive to progress but in a pace we can live with, without sacrificing real life. We have Tier 1 raids and SLE dungeons on the schedule every week (not scheduled during the World Cup). Most of all we are having fun together! :D

Welcome to apply: 


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