For Queen and her Country

Yesterday I saw in the chat that a fellow guild member, Wolfkin, got an exciting achievement: For Queen and her Country.
queen and country
Glorified with the Lycini! That´s something! And he got a statue with 3 monsters as a reward too (first pic). Very impressive!
So as he deserved a little rest we went to my Island and took a swim. He then showed me something I hadnt thought about, the bottom of the ocean! *doh*! Iv had this dimension a long time but never dived down. We saw fishes and sunken ships, totally awesome! He had an attachement so he could breath under water infinitely, I want that!
But after a while he started to get restless, acted like a guardian praying and stuff and started talking about killing some defiants. So before he realised I actually WAS a defiant i mumbled something about I had to go fishing and excused myself politely and we went separate ways before any blood was spilled  >.>
Congrats again Wolf for this grand achievement x


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