Intrepid Drowned Halls with the Guild

And this friday it was time for: Intrepid Drowned Halls (thank you Riftgrate)  We didnt get a full group due to some members had businesses elsewhere so we were only 9. That is a big drawback but we gave it a go anyho.

And I got to be 1 of the healers ofc as it is my big fear ;) The first encounter with the trash was a bit devastating. Mostly because I think we didnt had the group working together as optimal at is has to be in raid. But we took a short break and sorted it so after that it was a lot smoother.
I could only do 1 target healing because I need to practise my new warden soul and this wasnt the place to try to find out where the button was. I got assigned as Radlys (main tank) body guard and I havent a clue how much headache that got him. But he has great armor and survivability ;) Ofc I can heal others but when the tank takes a lot of damage I need to focus on that and it went well as he is tanking so the others dont have to take much damage mostly. But in a 10 man ofc sometimes u need both 2 healers and 2 tanks now and then, u have to be flexible.
Here u can see me over healing poor Rad AFTER the monster is dead >.> Sorry the pictures arent so good but that was because i couldnt fully focus on taking pics in my first T1 raid :O)
It was a bit stressful working with the boss Joloral Ragetide as he has his interrupts and stuns frequently. Tho u can break free quite fast but still stressful as healer. After that I got a major headache from the tension but after half a cup of coffee I got rid of it :)
We had some troubles with Isskal because of the mechanics. All those rings changing and wiping, some of us has to practise a bit more im afraid.. Tho Rad and Jacqques was very patient trying to explain the difference between right and left ^^ It became more of a giggle fest than a raid for a while :O) But remember we were 9 persons only and 3 of us was fresh T1 with a little weak gear so after 4 attempts (i think) we moved on.

Next place: Triumph of the Dragon Queen was a bit of a challenge too as the boss throws out aoe damage that spreads among us all and as we were 1 person short we took a lot of damage. So Spate changed to his ae healing rogue role and I damage instead (I do need to work on my damage and I need a cleric mentor as I havent a clue what to do about it. I even had better damage with my mage before lvl 60 O.o).
triumph of the dragon queen
But we learned the mechanics and stacked up and it went well except for the glitches. Suddenly when we had killed the bosses companion, a bird, the boss ran away with his tail stuck between his legs and we had to start all over -_-  This happened twice and we realised it was too buggy so we gave up for the night. But I had a great time and it was good practise for the group. I hope everyone had as much fun as I had and I loved to heal!

I had invested quite a bit of money but most of all the guild had invested in me and 2 more members to get us in to Tier 1 raids (10 man group): Rockerius (a gem who I found on 1 on my IA adventures:) and Grovisen was doing excellent damage and performance in the raid tho it was their first.

Thank you Adefagia, Bewildered, Armiheos and Yarissa for your support and all wonderful runes and armor. Also big thanks to Aqualuna for the fiests u cooked for us <3 Thank you all <3 and especially my poor “victim” Rad for having patience with me <3


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