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Do you ever dream you are falling? Last night I had nightmares about a dungeon. I woke up several times in terror as I dreamt i was healer and everybody died D: Ye u can laugh (I do too) but its true :} As you may know I just started my healing training and yesterday I had 2 stressful encounters.

Firstly I and Rockerius joined a pug SLE dungeon with me as healer. The problem was my UI was a mess due to i just had started to use Click Box Healer and removed all default portraits. I had forgot to update it so I got some irritating text too and some of the CBH profiles got half hidden under other stuff in my UI so no good start.

Anyho we started and three of the members launched themselves on the monsters. 3 monsters attacked all three of them and they all got to 50% life in only seconds D: I was only prepared for the tank to take so much damage so I got blank for some seconds realising they were all going to die. Even if I had rescued the tank, we stood no chance. So this was obviously not a task for an unexperienced healer. If I had known this i could have tried to buff them all up  more with temporary shields but im not sure that had been enough….

So we gave up and I aimed for a lower dungeon to practise in. My damage sux bad atm so thats why I move towards healing instead. Partly. I want to be able to run several different roles in the end of course.

This time I was adamant NO ONE WOULD DIE! So I arrived to Darkening Deeps with a really nice little group and off we went. I was extremely stressed by my new UI and not much healing experience so I overhealed them totally im afraid. In the middle of the dungeon someone got kicked by the group and it was a bit stressful until we got a new member.

I didnt do enough damage im afraid, but as I was concentrating on learning to heal and get used to CBH I had to focus on that. Next time will be easier :) So all went well until the last horrible mrs Spider boss woman who transformed me to a chrysalis so I couldnt move.I didnt see if she cast something that could have been interrupted but I havent found any interruption in my purifier role so I didnt notice it as I cant do much about it anyho.

Could I have avoided this somehow? The room was small and crowded and full of spiders so it wasnt possible to zoom out enough. 1 of the damage tried to get me out while I watched the group die a horrible spider death :´(
So anyone has a strategy for this? So I know the next time i meet spider woman how to deal with her :):)
But we got her at last! :D:D
Darkening deeps




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2 Responses to Nightmares

  1. Simcha says:

    As a healer, it is your job to heal not to deal damage, so forget the damage aspect :).

    The chrysalis is probably unavoidable and a common mechanics in many boss fights – crystallised, spiked for example. It is the rest of group’s (usually dps) job to free that person quickly.

    Well done!

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